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Khamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Flash Message and Audio Message on Nokia HP

Cheap hand phone for new model currently have completed with many facility like Internet connection, email message, music, video driver, SMS, MMS and voice message like on Nokia Xpress music that can work with all those feature after setup email.
Flash messages are text messages that are instantly displayed upon reception. How to setup this flash message on your Nokia HP, follow this instruction:
1.    To write a flash message, select Menu > then choose Messaging > then Create your message > then Flash Message.
2.    Enter the recipient phone number, write your message (maximum 70 characters), and select Send.
Create Audio Message:
Create and send and audio message using MMS in a convenient wav:
1.    To select Menu > choose Messaging > choose Create Message > then Audio Message, then the voice recorder opens.
2.    Record your message
3.    Enter one or more phone numbers in the To: field, or select Add to retrieve a number.
4.    Then send the message after you record your voice, by select send.

Instant Messaging:
With instant messaging (IM, network service) you can send short text messages to online users. You must subscribe to a service and register with the IM service you want to use. To make sure this service you must check the availability of this service, pricing and instructions with your service provider. The menus may vary depending on your IM provider.
To connect to the service, select Menu > Messaging > IMs and follow the instruction on the display.

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