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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Safe Your Surf - Windows Internet Users Check Your DNS

Just nak share something tentang keselamatan komputer. Cut and paste daripada email penampan yang saya terima. Bagus buat bacaan untuk tambah ilmu tentang keselamatan ketika melayari internet.

Selamat membaca.
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Your Domain Name Server (DNS) Setting may be change by DNSChanger trojan and you may not know it. You can check your Windows Operating System DNS setting for DNSChanger worm/trojan problem by visiting Google, http://www.google.com/ . Google is to warn users whose computers or home routers appear to be infected with the DNSChanger malware.

You can visit this FBI page to check your DNS setting


You can also test to see if you are affected by visiting the following DNSChanger Check-Up sites below. If this Check-Up site indicates that you are affected by DNSChanger, then visit http://www.dcwg.org/cleanup.html for information on how to address this problem.

Opendns.com is providing notification service. People who are infected with DNSChanger visting a participating website will see a banner in their browser window that notifies them of the infection and points them to http://www.OpenDNS.com/dns-changer

Malaysian, get more information and Internet security by visiting CyberSafe Malaysia Facebook


Cybersecurity Malaysia's Outreach Department. We focus on increasing public awareness and knowledge on cyber safety and the threats you may face online. http://www.cybersafe.my/

Safe your surf


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